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Need a book editor? Self-publishing? Submitting? Professional editing services.

“Lisa Rojany provides the best book editor services in Los Angeles!” —See “Client Recommendations” link at right

Lisa at a book signing event.
Your friendly and helpful book editor

I'll get you ready for submission or self-publishing.

I am both a professional editor and an oft-published writer. I run EDITORIAL SERVICES OF LOS ANGELES (ESOLA), in which I help writers make their work the best it can be.

Go to "Editing Services," menu item two, to decide the kind of editing you need.

Contact me via email at the "Contact" link below for suggestions as to the service that is best for you or to get the free Grammar and Manuscript Formatting Guide.

If you want to know what people say about me, go to “Client Recommendations” link at right.

If you have any suggestions or comments, please email me.

Hope means always having something pending in some publisher's or agent's in-box. So keep writing!

Need-based and professional discounts available to all serious writers.

All the best to you,