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Editorial Services

Latest Published Works

2nd in a series, edited
2nd in a series, self-published then acquired by traditional publisher, edited
Edited. Made into a TV miniseries.

Made into a one-hour documentary on Investigation Discovery in a six-part miniseries The Truth About Murder. Optioned for a movie.

Edited. Original YA adventure story.
YA fiction, edited
Edited. Based on a play.
Adult fiction, edited


Edited. Comes with pull-outs and perforated items.
Disney, edited (Insight Editions)
Edited. Comes with pull-outs and perforated items.
Dreamworks, edited (Insight Editions)

Editorial services offered:

* Line editing: ESOLA will go through a manuscript from start to finish and edit every line for everything from grammar, spelling, and style to drama, pacing, and characterization, and everything in between. Editing done using track changes for an electronic edit. Detailed critique letter available. Free query letter edit. (Most thorough and effective option for the money.)

* Book doctoring: ESOLA edits, rewrites where needed, and fixes a manuscript that has already been written. You get all the credit. Free query letter edit.

* Copy editing: ESOLA can fact check your book for accuracy, grammar, spelling, punctuation, style. Free query letter edit.

* Creative & publishing development: ESOLA can help you turn your idea into a flat picture book, novelty book, grown-up book, or series of books. If you are a publishing or packaging house or even a toy company in search of new material, ESOLA can help spice up your lists—handling any stage of the process from concept through manufacturing and delivery to your warehouse.

* Literary consultations: ESOLA helps new and seasoned writers determine the literary merits of a work in progress. This can range from a read-through of the work and a citing of general impressions to more involved editing for character development to complete line editing. ESOLA can also edit during the publication process to help you through the publisher's edits. Free query letter edit.

* Proofreading: ESOLA checks one proof of a book against another proof of the book to make sure it doesn't have misspellings, nothing is missing, images correspond to text, and all the edits were performed as indicated. Also available at manuscript stage. Free query letter edit.

* Proposal writing: ESOLA helps you deliver a solid proposal for a book or series of books, including pitch/query letter, marketing plans, evaluation of competition, bio, table of contents, publicity, and sample chapters. 

* Read-through and general evaluation: ESOLA performs a general, overall reading of the work, which points out the major flaws that need to be addressed without necessarily telling the writer how to go about executing them in detail. Free query letter edit.

* Self-publishing: ESOLA will edit, typeset, and lay out your pages in Word so you are ready to go to your self-publishing source template.

* Writing coach: A writing coach works one-on-one with you. ESOLA can be your editor, teacher, and mentor throughout the entire publishing process.

* Writing workshops: ESOLA offers writing workshops. These are small classes lead by an editor or writer. Writers are assigned based on work in progress.

Edited. Republished by a Big 5 mainstream publisher.
Nonfiction middle grade, self-published, edited
Memoir edited (Simon & Schuster)

EDITORIAL SERVICES OF LOS ANGELES (ESOLA) is devoted to helping writers make their work the best it can be.

EDITORIAL SERVICES OF LOS ANGELES has been in business for over 20 years, and has helped many writers—of both children’s and grown-up books—get published or improve their chances for publication, self-publish, and publish e-books, too.

ESOLA offers everything from line editing with a detailed and specific critique letter + free query letter edit, to self-publishing edit and book page layout, to ghostwriting, book packaging, and creative and developmental literary consulting.

Edited. Pulitzer Prize-nominated author.
Pulitzer Prize nominated author, edited (Eli Press)
Edited. Series of 3 award-winning dystopian novels.
Award-winning YA title edited (Tanglewood Books)
Edited. Self-published.
Middle-grade fiction, self-published, edited
Edited. Series of 3 award-winning dystopian novels.
Sequel to ASHFALL and ASHEN WINTER, edited (Tanglewood Books)


Award-Winning Fiction, Nonfiction, Young Adult Fiction, Picture Books, and More —Just Scroll Down for Info!

Edited. Self-published.
Picture book edited (SparkPress)
Edited. Self-published. Many awards.
Middle-grade novel edited (Mad Mystical Journey)—Winner of the 2015 Gelett Burgess Children’s Book Award

(Members of professional writers' organizations, professional colleagues, and need-based clients get substantial discounts on line editing. Just ask!)

Edited. Written by Levar Burton.
Picture book edited (Reading Rainbow)
Eleanor of Aquitaine series of 3.
Historical fiction edited (Simon & Schuster)
Edited. Self-published.
YA fiction edited (Rogue Bard Books)
Edited. Tanglewood Books.
Middle Grade edited (Tanglewood Books)
A truly moving YA.
YA edited (Tanglewood Books)

How to submit a manuscript for an estimate:

1. Email ESOLA your complete manuscript—see formatting requirements below. (If you prefer, you may snail mail us a hard copy instead — don't forget the prepaid SASE! — please email us for address.)
2. Tell ESOLA what type of service you are interested in and the format of your book (adult fiction or nonfiction, picture book, middle-grade novel, YA novel, nonfiction picture book, novelty book, etc.).
3. Don't forget to tell ESOLA if you are a member of any professional writers' organizations (you will get a substantial discount).
4. Within 24 hours ESOLA will email you (or call you if you prefer) with an estimate of how much the service you have chosen will cost.
5. You let ESOLA know if the estimate is acceptable to you. (For need-based clients, ESOLA will work on a sliding scale.)
6. If you agree to the amount specified, you send ESOLA a cashier's check or money order for the estimated amount (Venmo, or PayPal + 5% to cover their fees). When check clears, ESOLA puts you on the schedule and starts! ESOLA can usually get your work back to you within 1-2 weeks. Rush clients please indicate deadlines in your cover letter or email query.
7. If ESOLA goes under the estimated amount, ESOLA will simply send the money back in a check with the manuscript. If ESOLA needs to go over, ESOLA will contact you first and ask you if you want us to continue or to stop and send what we have. (ESOLA has only needed to go over the estimated amount twice in 20 years and that was because the writers were nonnative English speakers whose every sentence needed rewriting.)

ESOLA is professional, fast, on target, and reliable. Specific line editing is usually done right on the manuscript via track changes. ESOLA encourages feedback—our goal is to help you make your work the best it can be and get it ready for submission ASAP.

ESOLA can also help you craft a great query letter if you wish—so include it if you want help with that as well! Free.

Edited. Self-published.
e-book edited, self-published
Edited. Series of 4 legal thrillers.
Series of 4 thrillers, edited (Simon & Schuster)
Edited. Self-published.
Self-published fiction edited (Brilliant Beach Books)
Edited. Tanglewood Books.
Fiction edited (Tanglewood Books)

Format for submission:

ESOLA requests that you submit the manuscript in Courier New font, 12 point, with 1-inch margins, ragged right text, double spaced, running/paginated headers, and all your contact info on the first page. Microsoft word documents are preferred (.doc or .docx OK)

Edited. Tanglewood Books.
Fiction edited (Tanglewood Books)
Edited. Self-published.
Nonfiction edited (Real House Press)
Edited. Debut picture book fiction.
Picture book edited (Two Lions)
About identical twins, one of whom needs glasses.
Ghostwritten (Merry Lane Press)
Edited. About Iranian politics.
Academic nonfiction edited (Routledge)
Edited. Self-published.
Nonfiction picture book edited and self-published

Client list and limited list of AWARD WINNERS (excerpted):

• INSIGHT EDITIONS, oversaw writing and development of two books for this publisher

• MATTEL Barbie: You Can Be a Doctor, Random House (wrote)

• WARNER BROS. product management of 2 storybooks, concept through printer-ready

• THE IMPROBABLE WONDERS OF MOOJIE LITTLEMAN by Robin Gregory, Mad Mystical Journey (edited)

• SUNRISE by Mike Mullin, Tanglewood Books (edited)

• ASHEN WINTER by Mike Mullin, sequel to ASHFALL, Tanglewood Books (edited)

• ASHFALL by Mike Mullin, Award-winning YA novel, starred Kirkus review 2011, 2011 New Voices Award, "Best Books for Kids 2011" from the Association of Booksellers for Children, NPR voted one of 10 Best YA novels of 2012 (edited, Tanglewood Books)

• FINANCE 101 FOR KIDS by Walter Andal (edited)

• 68 KNOTS: A Novel by Michael Evans, YA novel, School Library Journal wrote: "Teens who fantasize about being pirates should pick this one up." (edited, Tanglewood Books, 2010)

• CHENGLI AND THE SILK ROAD CARAVAN by Hildi Kang, Middle-grade novel (edited, Tanglewood Books)

• TWO MOON PRINCESS by Carmen Ferreiro-Esteban, YA novel, School Library Journal wrote, "This is a strong title that will appeal to teens who like fantasy with adventure, romance, and strong female protagonists." (edited, Tanglewood Books, 2009)

• INSIGHT EDITIONS (spearheaded Disney and Dreamworks book projects)

• DISNEY (English Language Learning Program using Disney characters)

• TREASURE BAY (writing and editing phonics book series)

• THE SCARLET STOCKINGS TRILOGY: The Enchanted Riddle by Charlotte Kandel (Dutton Children's Books, Spring 2008)

• THERE'S AN EASTER EGG ON YOUR SEDER PLATE! Surviving Your Child's Interfaith Marriage, by Steven Carr Reuben, Ph.D. (Greenwood Publishing Group, 2007, edited)


• THE GO-TO GUIDE FOR GUYS: THE ABCs FOR EXPECTANT DADS by Todd Barrett Lieman (agented, Dalmatian Press, 2007)

• TANGLEWOOD BOOKS (Edited THE MICE OF BISTROT DES SEPT FRERES, 2006, and other YA titles, see above)

• MERRY LANE PRESS (Edited all children's titles for this new publisher in 2004, 2005, 2006)

• SIMON & SCHUSTER (Created books for)

• SILVER DOLPHIN/AMS (Created books for)

• CARTWHEEL/SCHOLASTIC (Created books for)


• HARPERFESTIVAL (Created books for)

• SOUL AGREEMENTS by Dick and Tara Sutphen (Edited, Wiley, 2005)

• FOR THIS I AM GRATEFUL (Writing contributor, 2005, becker & mayer!)

• LEAH'S WAY by Richard Botelho (Edited, 2003, Windstream Press)

• THE DEVIL'S BROOD by Ellen Jones (Edited, third in a series of historical novels)

• ULTIMATE JUSTICE by Mimi L. Latt (Edited, 1999, Simon & Schuster)

• PURSUIT OF JUSTICE by Mimi L. Latt (Edited, 1998, Simon & Schuster)

• DISNEY INTERACTIVE (Creative consulting on development of “Princesses” CD-ROM, 1998)

• NEW AGE SHORT STORIES by Dick Sutphen (Edited, 1997, Valley of the Sun Publishing)

• BELOVED ENEMY by Ellen Jones (Edited, 1994, Simon & Schuster)

• POWERS OF ATTORNEY by Mimi L. Latt (Edited, 1993, Simon & Schuster)

• THE ULTIMATE HOLLYWOOD TOUR BOOK by William Gordon (Edited, 1992, North Ridge Books)

• AHA! ENTERTAINMENT, an L.A.-based production company (Editing)


• SPINE-TINGLING PRESS, LOS ANGELES, an adult trade fiction imprint (Editing)