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Inside the covers:

It seems like everyone wants to write a children's book. WRITING CHILDREN'S BOOKS FOR DUMMIES takes you through the process in a friendly, step by step manner so that you can be the one person who actually achieves that goal!

We start off with explaining all about the different formats that children's books are published into and what publishers expect to see in them.

Then we go to school on the children's book business and how it works, turning you into an expert.

The market for children's book is not necessarly what you would expect. We take you into the hearts and minds of the people who really buy all the books.

Then we jump into the nitty gritty of the writing process. We start off with the task of setting up a workspace and a writing schedule. Then we delve into idea generation, research, story elements, plot (conflict, climax, and resolution), creating memorable characters, dialogue, voice and point of view, and nonfiction and how-to writing. We use examples and exercises to make the process fun.

Once the story's written, you want to make sure it's polished to a shine. We talk about editing and formatting, illustrating (or not), and finding peer groups in the children's book community to provide valuable feedback.

Next, we take you behind the scenes in a publishing house so you know who does what and when. Then we delve into the scary and mysterious world of agents and getting one to represent you. Dealing with contracts and the publishing process follows, ending with how to publicize your book so the whole world knows it's out there!

We end with helpful pointers and tips on storylines and promotion. The book is liberally sprinkled with insider interviews: the big cheeses who tell it like it really is!

We hope you enjoy reading and using our book. Feel free to contact us with any questions!